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Language Change and Politics:

While language change may occur at varying speeds and due to diverse and numerous causes, many changes have political roots or explanations. Much of language

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Trusted Translations Goes Green

Trusted Translations, the leading provider of Spanish language translations in the United States market, has recently announced its commitment to “go green” by implementing new

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What is Localization?

In the specific case of translation, localization refers to how a language is adapted to a specific country or culture so that the target audience

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New Words in English 2008

The Oxford English Dictionary, whose corpus of texts now contains over 2 billion words, recently released its list of new words for inclusion in the

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Trusted Translations’ Green Policy

Waste Reduction Trusted Translations’ goal is to use Internet technology to decrease its printing costs and improve its overall environmental performance in several ways. Limited

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We frequently hear the word “teamwork”, especially in our work environments where so many people are working for the same company, all for a common

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What is MultiTerm?

If you are a translator working with the Trados CAT tool, you may have seen a component called MultiTerm in your product package. So, just

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