We adhere to the highest industry standards for the provision of ASL and sign language services. Whether you require consecutive or simultaneous ASL or other sign language interpretation services, we will provide you with a professional, high-quality and cost-effective solution.

What is ASL?

ASL is short for American Sign Language, a language that communicates through the use of hand signs accompanied by facial expressions, body movement, and overall body language. ASL is the primary language of deaf communities in the United States, the English-speaking regions of Canada, and some parts of Mexico. Just like many spoken languages, ASL contains various regional variations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Trusted Translations knows the ins and outs of ASL. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide accurate and reliable interpretations. Our ASL interpreters are all certified and experienced, ready to handle your ASL interpretation needs effectively.

The Difference between ASL and Signed English

Despite the general misconceptions, ASL and Signed English are not the same language. Signed English tends to closely reflect English language grammar, while ASL does not. This main difference is apparent in the word order and sentence structure of the two languages. A typical ASL sentence would be grammatically incorrect if translated into English. These differences are well understood by our interpreters. Having a strong command of both ASL and English ensures a quality interpretation that you can count on.

Did You Know?

Tri-lingual ASL Interpretation Services

In today’s globalized environment, tri-lingual ASL interpretation services are becoming ever more important. Tri-lingual interpretation involves interpreting ASL to and from more than one spoken language. In other words, the interpreter is fluent in ASL and more than one spoken language. This service is particularly common in areas that have a high Spanish-speaking population, where having two separate ASL interpreters (one for English and one for Spanish) is not convenient or cost-effective.

ASL Interpretation Rates and Pricing

At Trusted Translations, we are able to provide competitively priced ASL and sign language services while still maintaining the level of quality that clients expect. ASL services are normally priced per hour per interpreter, with a minimum number of assignment hours per day. Given the physical demands related to performing ASL and sign language services, it is often necessary to work in teams of two to allow each interpreter to rest. Having teams for intense or longer sessions not only guarantees a higher-quality interpretation but may also be required to ensure the well-being of the interpreter. At Trusted Translations, we balance the need to provide competitive prices with the quality of the interpretation and the well-being of our interpreters. Our experts can provide you with a free consultation to assess whether more than one ASL or sign language interpreter will be necessary for your project. Please contact us today if you have any questions on the ASL process or would like a free ASL or sign language quote.