Furthermore, multinational corporations and government organizations are relying more and more on multimedia platforms to train and educate their target audiences. Trusted Translations has developed a specialized division dedicated to handling all types of multimedia translation services, including subtitling, dubbing /lip syncing and voice-overs.


One of the core multimedia translation services is subtitling. Almost every form of video requires subtitling in multiple languages. International markets are of critical importance for the success of educational and entertainment video content, thus subtitling is an essential part of reaching these international markets.

Subtitling involves much more than a simple translation; it involves a highly technical and precise process to ensure that the audience is able to understand every scene with spoken or written content. At Trusted Translations, we have specialized teams that have worked with top entertainment and educational companies to handle all their subtitling needs.


A close cousin to dubbing, voice-over multimedia translation services are commonly used in video productions to replace audio content not spoken by an actor in a particular scene. Documentaries commonly use voice-overs, as there is usually a voice in the background describing a scene. Voice-over services do not require the precision involved in dubbing or subtitling; however, they still need to follow a time sequence. This requires the proper equipment and expertise. At Trusted Translations, we have years of experience providing voice-over services and will work with your organization to ensure the highest quality output for your target audience.

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We can also provide you with full post-production services, including dubbing and subtitling
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Another core multimedia translation service is the precise dubbing of spoken audio content in video productions. Dubbing is widely used in markets where subtitling doesn’t fully accomplish the producers’ objectives and is a more universal method of converting video productions for international markets. As it does not require reading, it is ideal for children and markets with lower levels of general education. Many companies prefer dubbing as it more closely reflects the experience of the original production.

Despite the increasing popularity of simple voice-overs and subtitling, the process of dubbing and lip synchronization is still one of the preferred methods to watch video content in another language.

In order for video content to be properly dubbed, the dialogue must be translated by a team of experts in this area to ensure that the translated text, once spoken, will match the lips of the original actor.

Trusted Translations has dubbed thousands of hours of video content for almost every market and is equipped to handle all your dubbing needs.

Lip Sync

Lip Synchronization (Sync), used synonymously with dubbing, is a process where the insertion of audio attempts to match the lip movements of the original actors. This process is critical in many feature length films as it helps the audience better understand the content and create the illusion that the content was originally filmed in the dubbed language. Lip Syncing and Dubbing go hand in hand as it is critical to match the re-recorded audio with the lips of the live actors or animation. Otherwise, the production is viewed as second rate. Often, it may be necessary to modify the original translation to shorten the time it takes to speak. This can be a problem when dubbing between English and Spanish, as normally more words are used to convey the same meaning in Spanish compared to English, and vice versa.