The Online Spanish – Speaking Market

The Spanish-speaking market is one of the fasting growing segments in the World. The online Spanish speakers alone comprise more than 20% of the total Internet market.

Furthermore, the online Spanish-speaking market is growing at double digit rates.

It is estimated that the online Spanish-speaking population will grow at double-digit rates annually for the next five years. Recent reports state that websites that are content-rich in the Spanish language are a huge potential growth area. Over the next 10 years, the Internet growth in Latin America alone will become an economy and market by itself.

Internet usage in Latin America has increased more than 325 percent since 1997.

Furthermore, since the U.S. Hispanics has a fast adoption rate of new technologies, such as broadband (mobile and fixed), it will be almost a necessity to have content in Spanish in order to address this important market.

United States Online Spanish-Speaking Market

Around half of the Hispanic American Internet users are Spanish-dominant (meaning that Spanish is the primary language used in their homes). Around 74% connect to the Internet every day and 78% access the Web from home. Close to one-third has shopped online.

Hispanics are currently spending 55% of their online time in Spanish content-rich sites – the same percent of time that they have traditionally spent listening to the radio and watching television in Spanish. As with other media, their preference in Internet content is for U.S.-related information in Spanish rather than content from their home countries.

Online Hispanic Market:

In the U.S. online industry, Hispanics have taken center stage as one of the most important target groups. Here are some interesting facts related to the Hispanic online market.

  • The average Hispanic Internet user is male, 32 years old, and has an average annual income of $ 51,600.
  • Approximately half of the Hispanic American Internet users are Spanish-dominant (meaning that Spanish is the primary language used in their homes)
  • Around 74% of the connected Spanish speakers log on to the Internet every day and 78% access the Web at home.

Latin American Online Spanish-Speaking Market

The Latin American Internet user base has some of the fastest growth rates globally.

In 2005, there were more than 162 million Internet users in Latin America. Portuguese-speaking Brazil is the country with the highest growth rate of users, going from 7.8 million to 55.9 million in 2005. Mexico is in second place, with an increase from 6.7 million to 31.97 million. Argentina and Chile are in third and fourth place.

There is no doubt that having a multilingual online presence is a necessity for almost any organization.

Spanish Translations for the Online Spanish-speaking Market

Expand your market to millions of visitors around the globe by publishing your Spanish web site or by creating bilingual web pages.

It is a fact that business users on the Web are three times more likely to purchase when addressed in their native language.

Trusted Translations Inc. has the expertise to help your company in Spanish website localization in order to target any specific online Spanish-speaking market. We can also implement a neutral Spanish that can be understood and accepted by the entire online Spanish-speaking market. Trusted Translations also has the capability to convert online video and audio media to Spanish. This is extremely important as the Internet has become a full service media outlet with an abundance of video and audio content.

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