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  • Kate C. AvatarKate C.

    We have had a great experience with Trusted Translations. They are very responsive to our requests and have a quick turn-around time on translations. Would recommend! - 5/28/2019 

  • Cynthia L. AvatarCynthia L.

    Excellent service and VERY professional work!! Highly recommended and couldn't be happier with the result! Thank you! And will certainly do business AGAIN!! - 5/28/2015 

  • Jessica F. AvatarJessica F.

    Miranda was incredibly professional and efficient. Both the email communications and final product were handled so quickly! My CV was translated exactly as needed in only a day, wouldn't hesitate to use again. - 7/28/2019 

  • Maria A. AvatarMaria A.

    We needed a translator immediately for a very time sensitive issue. Trusted Translations came to our rescue and the translator did a fantastic job of communicating during a pretty stressful phone call. - 11/01/2019 

  • Cassie Y. AvatarCassie Y.

    Our company has used Trusted Translations for a few pieces and have thought the product outcome was great! Some of the documents we had done were very lengthy and our clients have had no complaints. We have also appreciated the fast turn around and variety of language selections available. - 5/28/2015 

  • Val N. AvatarVal N.

    Amazing service! The turnaround time is truly remarkable and the staff are always pleasant and easy to work with. They answer all questions in a timely manner and go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. - 10/03/2019 

  • Marianna P. AvatarMarianna P.

    I have enjoyed the service I have received from Trusted Translations - very prompt (quick turnaround for translations), professional, and overall excellent team. I highly recommend working with this company.Thank you! - 10/03/2019 

  • Laura B. AvatarLaura B.

    Miranda was prompt in responses and all around professional. The translations are top-grade and meet the highest standards of certification. We are so thankful to have chosen Trusted Translations and will absolutely use their services again! - 5/28/2019 

  • Audrey D. AvatarAudrey D.

    Incredibly professional and tactful from the start to the end. I would recommend this company for translations. - 5/28/2016 

  • Andie R. AvatarAndie R.

    We have used Trusted Translations for several years and have always been pleased with their service. Their rates are incredibly fair, their staff is a pleasure to work with, and their turnaround time is impressive. - 5/28/2016 

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