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  • Sonya M. AvatarSonya M.

    Highly recommend! Alex and the team at Trusted Translations provided quick and professional service. I will definitely use them for my proofreading and translation needs in the future! - 9/25/2019 

  • Christie C. AvatarChristie C.

    When you communicate across a language barrier everything depends upon the qualifications of your interpreter. You can trust the professionals at Trusted Translations. - 1/09/2020 

  • yusimi p. Avataryusimi p.

    I'm really grateful for your service, really awesome work with the document to translate. thank you very much. - 5/28/2019 


    It has been an awesome experience working with Trusted Translations. They are very prompt and very professional. - 5/28/2018 

  • Bryan F. AvatarBryan F.

    Alex and the team at Trusted Translations was great to work with. Excellent communication with a quick turn around! Del Oro Water Company - 2/21/2020 

  • Dana F. AvatarDana F.

    EASY and FASTThey couldn't have made this anymore seamless. Getting started took just an email and quick phone call. They turned over my translation in just a few business days. The formatting is perfect. I can't review the translations...but trusting it is correct! - 10/07/2019 

  • Arissa L. AvatarArissa L.

    The Trusted Translations team is always prompt and professional! Communication of quotes and delivery of material is always simple and clear. Would definitely recommend! - 7/05/2019 

  • Hartini H. AvatarHartini H.

    The Service was quick and Professional. I got my translation within 3 days of requesting it and will give this Company a five star! I would recommend to every one who needs to translate a document. - 5/28/2016 

  • Anaysa P. AvatarAnaysa P.

    Trabaje con Ana y quede muy satisfecha. El trabajo se realizo con gran rapidez y profesionalidad. Recomiendo 100%. Gracias Ana. - 5/28/2019 

  • Mohit S. AvatarMohit S.

    Have been associated with them since 2 years and the services they provided are apt and timely and complete quality work. Glad to be associated with such a great service. - 5/28/2017 

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