Green Translation Services Arrive: Trusted Translations Goes Green

November 23, 2008 – Professional translation company and Spanish translation leader, Trusted Translations, announced its aggressive initiative to “go green” and adopt a company-wide environmentally friendly policy across all operations.

Trusted Translations, the top producer of Spanish translation services in the United States, translates hundreds of thousands of documents per year. By adopting a green policy, Trusted Translations can do its part to reduce the amount of paper used during the entire translation process, hence, reducing the strain on the world’s environmental resources.

With the use of highly developed content management tools and secure high speed electronic delivery systems, Trusted Translations‘ goal is to reduce paper use by 90% over the next two years. In order to execute on this initiative, Trusted Translations will implement its policy for its more than 10,000 translators to try to maximize its impact on the environment. It will also implement its policy for all internal billing, invoicing and client communications.

Furthermore, Spanish language expert Trusted Translations is committed to doing its part to help save the environment by also helping to spread the “Green” message to the Hispanic community. Trusted Translations has set out a plan to work with non-profit organizations that promote environmental protection awareness and conservation by localizing and translating their message into Spanish for the largest minority group in the US — Hispanics.

“With today’s growing environmental problems, every company needs to do its part to reduce the use of paper and energy,” noted CEO Richard Estevez. “We are extremely proud to be one of the first companies in the language translation industry to adopt and publically announce such an aggressive green policy. Our hope is to create a trend across an industry that is so closely tied to the production of new documentation. The global impact could really be felt if we all work together,” stated Mr. Estevez.

Trusted Translations will also institute policies that eliminate large amounts of printing involved with internal processes, such as invoicing and marketing initiatives. “Our green policy calls for the implementation of the electronic delivery of not only all projects, but also invoices, brochures and marketing promotions. Mr. Estevez noted, “While sending out thousands of marketing letters a month in a mass mailing initiative may be good for business, it is terrible for the environment. We prefer performing more targeted marketing campaigns using paperless ways of communicating.”

Given the nature of the translation services industry, paper can often be overused in the translation process. With the right policies in place, the amount of paper used in the language services process can be reduced to almost nothing. As a socially conscious translation company, having these policies in place is important to Trusted Translations‘ internal corporate culture and will hopefully set an example for its vendors and other translation companies worldwide.

As a guideline, Trusted Translations uses the Ten Elements for Improving Environmental Performance and Compliance issued by the Enforcement Working Group under the auspices of the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC). Trusted Translations is confident that it will recognize all of the advantages and the impact that going green can have on a company. In today’s world of advanced communications, it is truly possible to achieve more with less, while at the same time making a positive impact on our very fragile environment.