Machine Translation: Expectations vs. Reality

For quite some time now, Machine Translation has been a powerful linguistic tool that is being used by a wide range of sectors to assist with their translation goals, particularly as it contributes to saving time and money. However, it still requires the touch of human translator-editors to refine its “raw” output. What Is Machine […]

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The Role of the Interpreter in Afghanistan and Their Plight

What does an interpreter do? Have you ever been in a foreign country, struggling to make yourself understood? This is where the interpreter comes in. They enable communication between people who don’t speak the same language. Interpreters are everywhere in our day-to-day life. Though, it’s important to note that interpreters aren’t accountable for what is said […]

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What Is Language Preservation and Why Is It Important?

Communication through language is one of our most fundamental needs as human beings. As social creatures, we crave the connection that language provides, but what connects us also separates us. Thousands of different languages keep groups of humans from communicating and cooperating. As the world becomes more interconnected, more and more we rely heavily on […]

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Gender-Neutral Language

Gender-neutral or gender-inclusive language is any language that is inclusive to all genders and avoids bias toward a specific sex or sexual orientation. Traditionally, a variety of nouns, especially those referring to a profession, have indicated a particular gender. Examples of these nouns, in English, include: policeman, chairman and fireman. These words are masculine, as […]

The Importance of Accurate Translations in the Healthcare Sector

In an ever more multicultural society, healthcare providers and patients will often find themselves in need of a linguistic “bridge,” which is why accurate translations and interpretations are critical in the healthcare sector. When lives are at stake and health outcomes depend on the accuracy of the information provided, knowledgeable professional translation services are of […]

Why Should Scientific Research Be Translated?

The scientific community thrives on communication. Preprint servers where early drafts of papers are shared, peer review in international journals, and conferences where ideas are shared on a worldwide stage are vital to increasing scientific knowledge. But it’s not enough to assume a lingua franca, or simply publish everything in English. Below we present five […]

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The Benefits of Translation for Your Niche Travel Business

Until the COVID-19 pandemic redefined all our borders, the leisure industry was becoming increasingly globalized, with tourism an ever-expanding sector. Niche tourism, including responsible trips and adventure travel, was an especially booming part of the travel sector until 2020 put a damper on its growth. The Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) produced a report in […]