Trusted Translations Launches New Phone Interpretation Division

With several years of providing high quality phone interpretation in over 200 languages, Trusted Translations has dedicated a significant amount of resources to form a separate phone interpretation division.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) – February 16, 2011 – Trusted Translations, a global leader in Spanish translation and multilingual translation services, has launched a separate division dedicated to live phone interpretation services. Now that is has provided high quality over the phone translation in over 200 languages for several years, Trusted Translations has dedicated a significant amount of resources to form a separate division for phone interpretation services.

Trusted Translations has thus created a unique set of service offerings catered to meet the needs of various sectors including medical phone interpretation, legal phone interpretation, business phone interpretation and government phone interpretation services. The service has been designed to provide highly reliable scheduled and on-demand interpretation services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

“After several years of being the leading phone interpretation provider for the Virginia Department of Transportation and several Fortune 500 companies, Trusted Translations is dedicated to becoming the most reliable phone interpretation company in the industry,” commented CEO Richard Estevez.

With offices in over 10 cities and interpreters throughout the United States and abroad, Trusted Translations is currently positioned to be the leading choice of law firms, companies, hospitals, non-profit organizations, call centers and government agencies for phone interpretations. Further, as an SBA self-certified small disadvantaged business and GSA schedule holder, Trusted Translations seeks to be the leading provider to the U.S. Government.

“We have over $5 million of technology invested behind our service offering and rely on state-of-the-art conferencing software to support each call. With this amount of investment behind our offering, Trusted Translations guarantees the best communications both from a technical and human resource point of view,” elaborated Mr. Estevez.

Mr. Estevez, with over 15 years of experience in the telecommunications and interpretation industries, has created a very unique service offering for each sector providing a combination of interpretation and information technology. For example, for law firms, Trusted Translations can have each phone-interpretation session recorded and transcribed. The recording and transcription is then emailed to the law firm for further analysis and review. For medical interpretations, having a recording and transcription can help doctors ensure they clearly understood the patient’s needs and correctly diagnosed a particular illness.

The applications of Trusted Translations’ technology seem endless: from medical diagnosis to customer service applications, Trusted Translations’ unique on-demand interpretation service offering promises impeccable interpretations coupled with near instant access to the interpretation sessions through secure electronic delivery systems.

As a full service language company, Trusted Translations also has an onsite interpretation division with interpreters throughout the world available for both onsite consecutive and simultaneous interpretations. The onsite interpretation division also utilizes state-of-the-art onsite interpretation equipment to minimize RF interference and to deliver clear and accurate interpretations in almost any environment.

Trusted Translations is a leading translation and interpretation company providing services in over 200 languages. It has grown from a handful of top translators to over 10,000 of the most respected linguists worldwide. With over 5,000 clients, Trusted Translations has expanded its service offerings to provide a full suite of language-related services, including: translations, localization, globalization, internationalization, dubbing, transcriptions, lip-syncing, voice-overs, and interpretations (on-site and over-the-phone).