Trusted Translations Facilitates Translation of Android Apps through Google Play

Trusted Translations integrates into Google Play through Google Translation Manager to offer Android Developers the localization of apps to multiple languages.

Mountain View, CA. (PRWEB) – May 15, 2013, Trusted Translations announced today that they would offer translation services directly to app developers in the Google Play Developer Console. The goal of this service is to provide an end-to-end localization process for application developers and projects through Google Play.

The service is based on a professional translation workflow to help ensure a high level of quality and reliability. The overall translation process involves three parties, the User (e.g., developer), the translation Vendor and the Translation Manager (i.e. Google Play). The Vendor provides the initial data to the GTM including its pricing, level of quality and work capacity, such as the number of words that can be produced within a given deadline.

With the Vendor data in the system, the User can place a request for a professional translation directly on the Google Play Developer Console. The system will provide a list of vendors that best suits the needs of the User. The User can easily upload the strings of its mobile app by using an Eclipse plugin or just by uploading an .xml file. The User then selects the source language (i.e., original language) and the target language(s), the service quality level and the Vendor. The User then pays for the service and the project begins. The actual translation work is performed by professional translators.

Currently, there are over 700,000 applications on Google Play. The professional translation of these applications will facilitate their use by millions of additional users in the U.S. and, of course, abroad. This service has been specifically designed to efficiently accommodate small to large projects depending on the app. The professional translation of small apps has been a challenge in the industry given the general administrative burden of handling small projects. GTM solves this by streamlining the entire process, making it more cost-efficient, for both the Vendor and the User, to handle the professional translation of small- and medium-sized projects.

Trusted Translations was actively involved in the beta testing phase of the service as one of the primary vendors and successfully delivered one of the first translations over the platform. In addition to collaborating in the design and workflow, Trusted Translations will be one of the initial translation vendors on the platform and the only one initially offering every major language pair and combination. Currently, the service offers Android app developers the ability to handle 600 language pair combinations. Trusted Translations will offer professional translations for all 600 language pair combinations at the official launch of the GTM.

“We believe the translation management services provided through Google Play are set to provide a very efficient way to translate applications seamlessly into one or more languages. The interface is simple and easy to use from the developers’ perspective as well as from the language vendors’,” commented Trusted Translations’ CEO, Richard Estevez.

About Trusted Translations

Trusted Translations is a recognized leader in software translation, document translation and interpretation services, with over 10,000 expert linguists and over 5,000 satisfied clients worldwide. The company provides high-quality translations and interpretations, for all project sizes, at some of the most competitive price points in the industry. The mission of the company is to build strong long-term business relationships with small, medium and large companies, governments and nonprofit organizations.