Trusted Translations Presents at GALA Miami on Hispanic Online Marketing

Richard Estevez, Trusted Translations CEO, and Gustavo Lucardi, Online Marketing Expert, speak on reaching the Hispanic market online at 2013 Miami GALA Conference.

Miami, FL. (PRWEB) – March 28, 2013, Trusted Translations, CEO, Richard Estevez, and online marketing expert, Gustavo Lucardi, presented “Spanish Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing for the Hispanic Market” at this year’s GALA 2013 Miami held on March 17-20, 2013. GALA 2013 Miami is one of the top conferences of the year in the language industry focused on globalization and localization.

The conference was organized by The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA). GALA is the largest global non-profit association dedicated to helping companies utilizing translation services, language technology and focused on content localization.

The presentation focused primarily on the nuances of reaching and communicating with the U.S. Hispanic community online. The first part of the discussion, led by Mr. Estevez, dealt with identifying and defining the U.S. Hispanic market. Mr. Estevez noted that the U.S. Hispanic market is one of the largest segments in the United States with proven purchasing power and online presence. Given the U.S. Hispanic’s widespread integration into the U.S. culture coupled with their strong ties to their original heritage, he mentioned that their behavior online is unique.

Mr. Estevez covered the distinct preferences of the U.S. Hispanic market, including the overwhelming preference for Spanish content. “Not only is the use of Spanish a must when addressing the Hispanic market as a whole, but it is also very important to utilize the right ‘flavor’ of Spanish depending on your communication objectives and your exact target market,” noted Mr. Estevez during the presentation. “There is often a need to localize Spanish content even further when addressing a region where the majority of Hispanics come from a certain country. For example, if you want to target the U.S. Hispanics living in Texas, you should localize your Spanish content to Mexican Spanish instead of just utilizing a more general neutral Latin American Spanish,” further noted Mr. Estevez on the type of Spanish to use.

The second part of the presentation, led by Mr. Lucardi, focused on Spanish Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online marketing strategies specifically tailored to reach the Hispanic market.

Mr. Lucardi commenced his presentation by addressing the different approaches to targeting the U.S. Hispanic marketing online, including a language (Spanish) based approach, a geographical (a particular area of the U.S.) based approach, or a combination of the two. He went on to summarize the best practices for implementing a Spanish SEO strategy when the main approach is Multilingual SEO (language) and when the main approach is Geographical SEO (location).

He also explained how to integrate an SEO Strategy with a Pay-Per-Click campaign and how to use Social Media as part of your SEO efforts.

Given the strong penetration of mobile phones with Hispanics in the U.S., Mr. Lucardi also covered important tips to rank well on search engines and social networks accessed from mobile phones. “It is important to utilize a responsive design to provide an optimal viewing and navigation experience across a wide range of devices including PCs, Macs, Ipads, other tablets and smart phones,” commented Mr. Lucardi during his presentation. “Once you have a responsive design that works well on all devices, you can then focus on finding the right keywords utilized by U.S. Hispanics to drive relevant traffic to your site,” further noted Mr. Lucardi.

The session was one of the central highlights of the conference and was attended by language service providers, companies with a specific interest in reaching the Hispanic market and marketing companies focused on the Hispanic market. The conference hosted a series of other speakers covering topics on transcreation, localization standards, new technologies in translations, and industry trends.

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