New Spanish Translators Forum: English Spanish Translator Org

July 26, 2006 — Trusted Translations, the leading English to Spanish translation company, is pleased to announce the launch of a forum specifically created and tailored for Spanish translators: English Spanish Translator Org.

“English Spanish Translator Org” is a free online community where all members can interact in real time and help each other resolve difficult English to Spanish and Spanish to English issues.

You will find various threads about English to Spanish translation, Spanish to English translation and other translation issues.

In addition, you will find interesting and important discussions about Legal Translations, Marketing Translations, Technical Translations, Medical Translations, Financial Translations, Accounting Translations, CAT Tools, Training for Translators, Translation Issues, Translators’ Issues, Other Language Translations, Useful Language Resources, Translation Organizations and Translators’ Events.

“English Spanish Translator Org is a forum focused on encouraging professional cooperation among its members and providing a space where participants can raise concerns and give opinions regarding difficult Spanish / English translation issues. We expect these forums to help improve the accuracy of Spanish / English translations in all areas and wish to provide a free service open to all translation professionals,” noted Trusted Translations CEO Richard Estevez about English Spanish Translator Org.

Mr. Estevez added, “We created this forum because we understand the importance of collaboration among professionals and the general benefits that collaboration contributes to the industry. As translators are spread across the entire world, it is not always easy for them to go to trade shows and professional meetings. English Spanish Translator Org provides translators with a virtual meeting place where they can discuss issues in real time without the expense of traveling across the globe.”

English Spanish Translator Org is a free site and welcomes all translation professionals as well as students of the trade.

You can register at: and introduce yourself to other members participating in the forum at: