Trusted Translations Speaks at Library of Congress on Legal Translations

Language expert from multilingual legal translation leader Trusted Translations speaks in Washington D.C. on the use of machine translations for the legal community.

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) – April 06, 2012 – Multilingual translation leader, Trusted Translations, a global leader in legal translation services, was selected as one of the expert panelists for an event held on March 28, 2012 hosted by the International Legal Research Interest Group of the American Society of International Law and the U.S. Law Library of Congress. The event, titled “Conveying Meaning,” was held at the U.S. Library of Congress and consisted of various panel discussions led by the top experts in the legal translation and interpretation field.

Trusted Translations in-house legal translation expert, Ms. Liliana Ward, was asked to speak about various legal, language-related topics including the rise of machine translations in the legal industry and how they can be used in conjunction with human translations to provide a valuable cost-effective translation service in certain cases. The panel also included discussions by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress, the U.S. Department of State Office of Language Services, and the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators.

“We were excited to be part of such an elite group of speakers and to discuss our first-hand experience of providing legal translations to our broad spectrum of clients. In today’s global economy, translations and interpretations form a key element of providing legal services in the almost every practice area. Staying abreast of new developments and technologies in language translation services is fundamental,” commented Ms. Ward. Ms. Ward holds a Juris Doctor and is one of the foremost experts in legal translations.

“Ms. Ward made an excellent addition to our group. She was very knowledgeable, poised and professional. I received many comments about her from attendees who were grateful for the practical information she provided,” commented Ms. Amy Emerson, the co-Chair of the International Legal Research Interest Group of the American Society of International Law.

In her discussion, Ms. Ward deliberated on the rise of machine translations and their nascent role in the professional translation industry. She mentioned that when machine translations are properly used and are coupled with human translation review, they can be valuable in specific circumstances to both save time and improve the quality for the client. She also emphasized that time is actually the more fundamental element and advantage of machine translations today.

“Machine translations, used in the correct situation, coupled with a qualified human post-editor process can improve delivery times significantly and still provide a solid final product. It is important to emphasize that human translators are still an essential element to the quality process of even the best trained machine translation engines,” commented Ms. Ward.

Trusted Translations has been at the forefront of new technologies in translations and is active in developing new software tools to improve the quality, consistency, speed of delivery and accuracy of legal translations. Trusted Translations experts were concurrently speaking at the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) event held in Monaco this past week.

Trusted Translations is a multilingual translation leading provider to 500 top companies and government organizations worldwide, including, the U.S. Department of Justice, Accenture, U.S. Library of Congress, Lexis Nexis, U.S. Department of Education, Apple, The Coca-Cola Company, IBM, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, United Nations, U.S. Department of Agriculture and many more.