New Spanish Localization Portal for English / Spanish Translators: Spanish Translator Services

May 9, 2006 — Trusted Translations, a leading Spanish translation company, is pleased to announce the launch of its new web portal for English – Spanish translators: Spanish Translator Services.

Spanish translator services features English / Spanish dictionaries developed by the team of expert English / Spanish linguists of Trusted Translations.

The portal contains numerous Spanish localization tools, including metric and temperature conversion programs, a world clock, articles related to English / Spanish translation issues and other helpful resources for Spanish translators.

The free online English to Spanish and Spanish to English dictionaries are specific to certain key industries, such as accounting and finance. The specialized dictionaries currently online have over 50,000 entries, located in four dictionaries:

  • English to Spanish Financial Dictionary
  • Spanish to English Financial Dictionary
  • English to Spanish Accounting Dictionary
  • Spanish to English Accounting Dictionary

These bilingual dictionaries include terms related to all aspects of accounting and finance, including specialized terms associated with stocks and bonds, foreign currencies, derivatives and banks.

In the near future, Spanish Translator Services will expand its free online dictionaries to include other areas such as the legal industry, insurance, space and international trade. Ultimately, Spanish Translator Services intends to provide free specialized online dictionaries to cover all major fields and areas of global interest, such as medical and engineering related content.

Spanish Translator Services is a fully bilingual site with all of its content in Spanish and English. The Spanish site is located at: Servicios Gratis para Traductores. The specialized dictionaries can be found under the section “Diccionarios Ingles / Español” and all the tools for localization at “Herramientas para Localización”. The Spanish version also contains a section with an FAQ for Spanish translators, titled “Preguntas Frecuentes para Traductores”.

“We hope to have the largest free collection of online English to Spanish and Spanish to English dictionaries in the world. This site will no doubt facilitate the Spanish internationalization, globalization and localization of many important documents, products and services,” commented Trusted Translations‘ CEO, Richard Estevez.