Spanish Agency

Our Spanish translation company brings over 15 years of proven translation experience to your organization.

Our English to Spanish translators translate millions of words to and from Spanish every month, serving clients all over the world, including Fortune 500 companies, governments and non-profit organizations in almost every major industry.

The main reasons our clients choose our Spanish translation company is because of our superior accuracy and speed and competitive pricing. You can feel confident that your Spanish translations will be handled by some of the top expert linguists in the industry. Every component of your project will be handled professionally and confidentially. As a client, you can rely on Trusted Translations to meticulously manage the workflow of your project.

Hispanic Translation Company

As a Hispanic-owned business and a leading provider of high-volume English/Spanish translation services, we offer some of the most competitive prices and turnaround times in the industry. Although we are recognized internationally for our Spanish language related capabilities, we are able to provide the full spectrum of translation and localization services for all major subject matter and in over 150 languages.

Our rigid Quality Assurance policies and procedures allow us to exceed ISO 9001:2000 quality standards and legally certify our accuracy.

Since our inception, we have consistently produced high-quality output for complex projects in turnaround times that competing Spanish translation agencies considered impossible.

Did You Know?

Why We Are the Leader Spanish Translation Company

Trusted Translations is the leading Spanish translation company and is recognized as one of the top Spanish authorities in the industry. The following key differentiators separate Trusted Translations from the rest of the Spanish translation companies:

  • Recognized Authority in Spanish Translation

    Over 500,000 Spanish localization experts, scholars, translators and individuals from Mexico, Spain, the United States and abroad consult Trusted Translations’ online content and sites every month to research Spanish-related issues, thereby making it one of the leading Spanish authorities in the translation arena.

  • Years of Experience in English/Spanish Translations

    Founded and run by U.S. Hispanics, Trusted Translations is one of the only translation companies with over 25 years of firsthand linguistic experience with the Hispanic market.

    As a result of years of carefully selecting our Spanish translator teams, Trusted Translations offers the highest quality Spanish to English and English to Spanish translation services in the industry.

  • English/Spanish Legal Experts on Staff

    We are uniquely staffed with U.S. licensed, bilingual (English/Spanish) attorneys. Our attorneys help ensure that each legally sensitive document translated uses the correct legal terminology in the target language. They are qualified to provide notarized legal certifications that further validate the accuracy of our translations.

  • Highest Quality and Most Competitively Priced English/Spanish Translations

    As Trusted Translations specializes in English/Spanish translations, we have tested and staffed over 10,000 English/Spanish linguists for our clients. We have in-house, certified and tested translators that work exclusively for Trusted Translations. As a result of having our top linguists work exclusively for us, we are able to provide a higher quality level of service at the most competitive prices in the industry.

  • Top English to Spanish Medical Expertise

    We are staffed with bilingual, licensed M.D.s with over 40 years of experience in medicine and health care related content. This ensures that all medical terminology is correctly translated into a level of Spanish understood by a majority of the Hispanic population. We have worked with the leading health care and medical institutions both in the U.S. and internationally.