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At Trusted Translations we conduct a thorough and exacting linguist selection and recruiting process followed by monitoring performance with ongoing feedback and a continuous development and training phase for each translator.

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During the pre-employment resource-selection phase, every potential specialized translator writes a demanding translation test in their language pair and in one or more of the following areas: Accounting, Agriculture, Business (General), Economics, Education, Energy, Environment, Finance, Health Care, Human Resources, IT, Law, Manufacturing, Marketing, Medicine, Pharma, Political Sciences or Sports.

Each test is scored by an expert linguist on a pass/fail basis. Those who pass the test and are hired are classified within our internal resource management system by their language pair and area of specialization. This allows for easy identification for a particular project. It also allows us to monitor their performance on every assignment and subject area.

Out of our vast network of available resources, we select the ones with the highest scores and proven performance on given subjects to carry out the translation of your project.

To ensure that our team’s collective output never deviates from the ISO-level standards we promise our clients, ten percent of our deliverables are selected at random for thorough analysis and evaluation utilizing a globally-approved quality assurance assessment methodology described below.

Our Linguists Selection

Trusted Translations resources are carefully screened and closely monitored on all projects. This takes place from the onset and continues for the duration of their time as active members of our translation staff. This screening not only pertains to knowledge of a particular language and industry but also mastery of all the technology tools essential for most projects.

All translators must pass tests that are specific to the applicant’s field of expertise. The tests are then reviewed by our chief linguists, or language leads, in that particular language pair.

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We guarantee our translators' quality through ongoing standardized MQM assessments.
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Il 100% delle nostre traduzioni viene eseguito da traduttori umani, inclusa la revisione delle traduzioni automatiche.
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Our translators combine native-level fluency with expert knowledge of culture and industry.
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Trusted Translations has one of the largest teams of Spanish translators in the world.
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Ongoing Linguist Evaluation

If the applicants pass the test, they become part of our select team of linguists. However, the monitoring does not end there. Our three-step translation process is aimed at ensuring quality throughout the entire project. Editors review the work of the translators, proofreaders check the work of the editors, and PMs review the overall project. The revision entails scoring each linguist’s performance at the preceding step from 1 to 5, the highest score indicating an excellent job.

Scoring is expected to be unbiased, as the identity of the evaluee is never disclosed. The scores are averaged with those from previous projects, and this average serves as a tool for our PMs to use when assigning work. In addition, each translator receives a file with a full mark up of all the changes made to his or her own work to allow them to improve their performance by looking at objective feedback.

In addition to the scoring system, we apply random QA checks on ten percent of our projects. QA checks are performed through a standard industry test named MQM (Multidimensional Quality Metrics). This method allows for the objective review of a project, rendering a result that is both qualitative and quantitative. This QA test also serves as a means to address negative feedback from clients.

With rigorous attention and standards applied from resource selection to recruiting and from project assignment to QA assessment, you know you can trust our trusted translators.