Translation Rates

For Trusted Translations, providing you with simple, competitive pricing and delivering highest-quality translation services is a key component of our mission. We are able to do this because we have streamlined our operations so as to eliminate the fees added by many other translation companies, including project management and overhead fees.

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What’s in a Price

Our pricing for translation projects is determined based on several factors:

  • Recommended solution based on usability of the localized (translated) content
  • Number of source words
  • Language combination
  • Complexity of the subject matter
  • Formatting
  • Amount of time required to complete the assignment
  • Certification (if required)

At Trusted Translations we also believe in the principle that “no one size fits all,” and that a competitive offer is tied to the final use of the deliverable.

Human Translation Services

In this video Trusted Translations walks you through the key elements of a high-quality human translation service: How to request a free quote or consultation.

Despite a significant adoption of machine translation solutions, a human translation process is still the gold standard in the industry. Human linguists are more often than not necessary to ensure not only the accuracy of a translation but the overall readability and flow.

Included in Our Translation Price

Unlike many other translation companies, our translation rates include:

  • Advice on the best possible solution adapted to your expectations and needs
  • Use of the most suitable technology and human resources
  • Use of an industry specialist as content manager
  • General formatting in commonly used software programs (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Project management and file management
  • Account management

Translation Cost

The rates charged for translations are agreed on at the beginning of a given project. Depending on the client’s needs, the same rates can apply across many different projects. Should the scope of a project change, we will work with you to agree on new pricing rates that are more appropriate for the new project or scope. When you request a free, no-obligation quote, we will provide you with a detailed pricing scheme broken down by document and language pair.

Translation Price Based on Wordcount

The primary factor in determining pricing is the number of source words in the document. A source language refers to the document’s original language. An estimate of target words applies only for certain special scripts using characters like those of CJK languages. Since we usually charge for the source words in these languages, you will have an accurate cost estimate at the beginning of each project.

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Trusted Translations is the preferred subcontractor of many other translation companies.
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Our rates include a 3-step quality control process that delivers the highest level of quality.
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Trusted Translations provides the most competitive translation rates in the industry.
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Did You Know?

Translation Rate Based on Source Complexity

Translation pricing (price per word) also depends on the level of complexity of the content. Complexity can be assessed in different dimensions. One based on style is represented when comparing creative and literal content. Another one has to do with highly technical compared to more plain text. For example, a general letter will be priced at the lowest price per word while complex legal documents or highly technical text will be at a higher price.

Translation Prices per Language Combination

The language combinations will be a factor in calculating the price of a translation project. Western European languages tend to be less costly, while Asian languages are more expensive, this due to the complexity involved with the characters and the limited number of quality linguistic resources. Right-to-left (RTL) languages pose additional challenges mostly seen when bidirectional (LTR) text is embedded in the content.

Translation Regular-Delivery Rates

Another key component to pricing is related to delivery time requirements. Thorough planning and, more importantly, enough time to line up resources allow us to deliver high-volume outputs with a more reasonable effort. Just to have a better idea of normal turnaround times with due notice and based on total word count, please visit our “High-Volume Translation” page.

Translation Rush-Delivery Rates

A translation project that needs to be delivered in a shorter time frame may carry up to a 50% surcharge above our regular rates. Despite this potential surcharge, Trusted Translations will always help you out by providing you with the staff and resources to accommodate your rush projects while maximizing quality and minimizing a potential markup. If need be, we will deliver projects on a rolling basis, with the most important documents being delivered first.

Editing and Proofreading Prices

Editing and proofreading are related services and can be priced separately in specific cases. In particular, if you had a translation performed by another company or person, we can provide you with an editing and proofreading rate that is lower than the one for a full translation. Normally, the cost to edit and proofread is 50% less than that of a full translation.

Desktop Publishing Fees

Reformatting rates are based on the number of pages or images. Again, this is an industry standard and the most efficient way to ensure a clear and predictable bid.

Website Localization Price

The rates for website localization projects requiring processing of encoding can be determined based on wordcount as well. Additional IT fees used for pre- and postprocessing of content, or for setting up integrations between a CMS and our translation environment may apply. This development work is quoted on an hourly basis.

Software Localization Price

Pre-processing of the input and post-processing of the output for certain localization services of software may be charged on an hourly basis or at a fixed price for the entire project.


Trusted Translations normally requires partial payment upfront and the remaining upon delivery of the final product. For clients with proven good credit or that have a good payment history, we can bill in arrears on a monthly basis. Notwithstanding the above, Trusted Translations will work with your company on a case-by-case basis to accommodate your budgetary concerns or your billing needs.