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English Language and Hegemony

From websites to social media, from advertisements to novels, English-language content holds powerful sway across the globe. As the world’s most widely spoken language, with

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Has Language Become More Emotional?

Early last year, a team of researchers from Wageningen University and Research (WUR) and Indiana University published a paper purporting to have demonstrated the increasing

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Are There Untranslatable Words?

Hygge. Saudade. Toska. Mamihlapinatapai. If you know what these words mean in their respective languages, do you think you’d be able to translate them into

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The Original Rosetta Stone

When most Americans hear the phrase “Rosetta Stone,” they probably think of the famous language-learning software. The Rosetta Stone, the software program, is named after

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What Exactly is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a learning disability derived from a neurological developmental disorder. Persons with dyslexia do not necessarily manifest any physical, psychological nor sociocultural disorders. They

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What is Spanish US?

As a translator, I am constantly surprised by the number of projects that are translated into U.S. Spanish. I know there are many variants or

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Exploring Idioms in Foreign Languages

In my previous post “Understanding English-Language Idioms,” I discussed the peculiarity of idioms. Idioms are expressions used in informal language that don’t actually mean what

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Hijitus, the Argentine Superhero

Las aventuras de Hijitus (The Adventures of Hijitus) was an animated series created by the great Spanish cartoonist Manuel García Ferré, first broadcasted in 1967.

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About Idioms

The Spanish language is very rich in aphorisms, idioms, axioms and other sayings. To speak Spanish fluently, one must understand these phrases that are so

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