Copy is a form of content that aims to persuade, sell, and promote. Our Trusted Translations writing team will help you develop multilingual copy that converts browsers into buyers and clicks into sales.

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Writing That Sells

If you’ve ever purchased something based on an ad or opened an email from your favorite brand, you’ve encountered the powerful influence of copywriting. Whether digital or in print, the many forms of copywriting include product descriptions, email marketing campaigns, captions and slogans, commercials, press releases, social media ads, landing pages, and more.

How Is Copywriting Different From Content Writing?

While copy can be considered a subset of content, its purpose and style are very different from what is usually called content writing. Content writing tends to be longer, since it seeks to inform, educate, and entertain readers with a long-term strategy in mind, building a readership subtly and over time. In fact, sometimes a blog post or article may not even mention a particular product or include an explicit sales link.

Copy, on the other hand, is short, snappy, and selling. The goal of copywriting is to grab attention and encourage readers to take action in the moment, which leads directly to an increase in sales, clickthrough rates (CTRs), and conversions. 

Regardless of format, the best copywriting deftly navigates the need for big impacts in small spaces. Expert copywriters need only a handful of words—often less than a hundred—to create eye-catching taglines, effective word selection, and compelling calls to action (CTAs).

Did You Know?
74% of Web users pay attention to the spelling and grammar of copy.
Did You Know?
Almost three quarters of Internet users prefer to skim long content.
Did You Know?
On average, readers spend only 54 seconds looking at a webpage.
Did You Know?
Meaningful calls-to-action can increase conversions by over 200%.
Did You Know?
Did You Know?

How Can Multilingual Copywriting Help your Business?

The goal of copy is to be memorable, and the finest copywriting creates an impression that can last for years. After all, how many people can still perfectly recite the catchiest advertising jingles from their childhood?

A strong copywriting strategy is also cost-effective. When advertising slots can cost you millions per extra second or extra page, investing in copywriters that can accomplish results with concision is a valuable investment for any organization. At the same time, copywriters are also skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which strategically uses keywords to make your business appear higher among search engine results. 

Even though copy tends to be short-form, copywriting is a rigorous process that is carefully informed by skilled writing and research. The best copywriters have a keen comprehension not only of the ins and outs of successful writing, but also of consumer psychology, market research, and industry knowledge. They will work with your organization to understand potential buyers’ emotional responses, needs, and so-called “pain points”—niche problems to which your company can offer a solution.

When expanding into multilingual markets, these elements of copywriting are key to acquiring new customers. Because every word matters in copywriting, it’s also essential to work with copywriters that have an exceptional grasp of your target market’s language and culture.Our Trusted Translations copywriters are equipped to deliver all types of copy with a high standard of writing and language accuracy. Reach out to Trusted Translations today to learn how we can meet your multilingual copywriting needs.