On-site Interpretation Services

Trusted Translations’ interpretation department specializes in providing on-site language interpretation, both consecutive and simultaneous. Our team has access to top interpreters worldwide, equipped with the high-tech instruments needed to provide professional on-site interpretation in almost any environment. From large conference venues to small boardrooms, Trusted Translations has a solution for your on-site interpretation needs.

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On-site Interpreters

Our on-site interpreters have undergone the most rigorous language training in the industry. Having on-staff interpreters, Trusted Translations understands the rigorous standards necessary to provide accurate on-site interpretations. We work with trained linguists spanning over 200 languages and dialects and with experience in all subject matters. Trusted Translations will secure the right linguist for your needs, no matter how complex the subject matter may be.

As with all of our service offerings, Trusted Translations adheres to strict standards of confidentiality and quality.

Trusted Translations is the provider to over 5,000 clients worldwide and is trusted by the most reputable organizations in the world, including the U.S. military and government. Whether you need business, legal, medical, educational or conference on-site interpretation services, Trusted Translations is your cost-effective and reliable solution.

Did You Know?
U.S. federal law requires interpretation access in hospitals and courtrooms.
Did You Know?
The most-spoken languages for U.S. interpreters are Spanish, French, Arabic, and Chinese.
Did You Know?
United Nations interpreters must speak at least three languages fluently.
Did You Know?
With an increase in virtual conferences, the demand for multilingual interpreters is rising.
Did You Know?
Did You Know?

On-site Language Interpretation

Trusted Translations has developed a one-stop solution for all your language-related needs, including our on-site interpretation offering.

Our on-site interpretation service delivers highly trained and certified interpreters to the location of your choice to verbally translate from one language to another. Thanks to our team’s expertise in a wide range of industries, our services can accommodate both small settings, such as the ones used for legal depositions or negotiations, and large ones, such as conferences. In the latter case, our on-site interpreters can ensure that multilingual audiences and/or speakers are able to communicate effectively across several languages.

There are two major types of on-site interpretation services: consecutive and simultaneous. Consecutive on-site interpretation engages a single interpreter that translates sections of information, such as a block of several sentences, when the main speaker has paused or finished. This is a popular, cost-effective choice for 1-to-1 or small group settings, such as interviews, medical consultations, client-attorney negotiations, and more.

In simultaneous on-site interpretation, interpreters translate “live” at the same time as the speaker(s), often requiring specialized equipment, soundproof booths, and multiple teams. This type of interpretation is most commonly used for large, complex events with audiences, such as lectures, government speeches, board meetings, courtroom trials, and international business conventions, especially if many different languages will be spoken.

Whether you have a specific type of on-site interpretation in mind or are considering a mixture of both as the best fit for your company, Trusted Translations will connect you with expert interpreters specialized in each type of interpretation services. Our professionals combine the exceptional fluency necessary to interpret one target language into another with an understanding of the subject matter and industry-specific terminology.

From domestic courtrooms to international boardrooms, accurate interpretation is crucial for communication. Organizations of all types, including government agencies, healthcare facilities, Fortune 500 companies, law firms, nonprofits, etc. can benefit from this cost-effective, easy-to-use service.