App Localization for Developers and International Product Managers

As an industry-leading provider of app localization services, Trusted Translations can localize any mobile application for virtually any market and/or device. Our app localization services allow developers and international product managers to easily reach new markets by directly translating/localizing their apps, without affecting the underlying code.

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App Localization Services

App localization is one of the best decisions you can make for your product. For a very small investment, a well-done localization pays off by increasing your app’s audience and number of downloads, helping you overcome language and locale barriers to entering a new market.
Research has shown that users vastly prefer to use apps in their native language and are more willing to pay for this customized experience. As a result, clients who have their apps localized—that is, tailored to a locale’s language and cultural nuances—see their sales increase, grow their brand, and build customer loyalty by providing an improved experience to both new and existing users.

Android and Apple iOS Apps

A pioneer in app translations, Trusted Translations was selected by Google to help develop its translation platform specifically for Android apps localization, offered through Google Play. In fact, we are one of only three vendors providing app localization services on the Google Console platform.
In addition to Android apps, we also localize applications made for Apple. We will help you navigate the unique complexities of the Apple operating system (iOS).

Where Should You Localize Your App To?

When deciding which markets an app should be localized to, a developer must consider several factors. For example, you must analyze which countries or regions are producing more market traffic. If we see a significant amount of traffic from a particular country, we recommend localizing your app and store description to that country and its language(s).

Developers must also assess the market size of your particular app in other countries and languages. For example, Trusted Translations has special expertise helping clients localize apps into Spanish to target the U.S. Hispanic market, as well as the larger Latin American (LATAM) market. We can help you evaluate where your app will find its most effective niche.

Did You Know?
Hispanics are the demographic segment most engaged with mobile devices.
Did You Know?
Expect strong growth in app downloads from the Hispanic market.
Did You Know?
Translating iPhone, iPad, and Android apps could easily double your revenue.
Did You Know?
China and Japan make up 25% of iOS’s total downloads.
Did You Know?
Brazil's mobile gaming market has over 88 million players.
Did You Know?
The Apple Store is available in over 150 countries and 40 languages.

What Parts of Your App Should You Localize?

To provide the best user experience, we recommend having all the different parts (e.g., description, app, instructions, names, etc.) localized.
These localizable or translatable parts of an app include:

  • App description
  • Name
  • User interface/User experience
  • Images
  • Instructions
  • Help pages and contact information
  • In-app purchase interface

However, it’s also possible to assess an app’s localization needs on a case-by-case basis. Trusted Translations is happy to offer guidance on your specific products.

App Translation or App Localization?

Trusted Translations will work with you to understand the localization required for your project. In addition to translating the content into the target language, other localization elements might include units of measurement, currency, date-time formats, legal jargon, and more, depending on the language and cultural features of the target region. We can help you determine the extent of your localization needs.

App Localization for Different Devices

All devices are different, especially in size. That’s why localization often requires measuring character space—if a single word in one language becomes a four-word phrase in a new language, you don’t want it to be cut off by the screen. We apply the principles of responsive design to your app localization to ensure it will work with any version and any screen size.

Consistency is also a key factor in your app’s success. The vast majority of users have more than one device—for example, a mobile phone and a tablet—and use both frequently throughout a given day. Therefore, it’s crucial to provide the same, equally smooth translation and user experience on all platforms.

Translation, Localization, and App Testing

In addition to translating and localizing, we can also test your newly localized application for different markets. Trusted Translations experts will make sure localization tests are rigorously conducted prior to a full product launch.
Get in touch with us today to learn more about our cost-effective, high quality translation, app localization, and testing services.