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Certification: Where is the added value for legal translations?

When moving from country to country or when dealing with foreign governments over personal matters it is always very important to understand documentation needs and how best to work with each government as the circumstances dictate.

Whether you are looking to translate a Birth Certificate, an Adoption Decree, a Death Certificate, a Trust, a Will, or anything else along these lines, it is very important to get a good understanding of how the government body will want their documents submitted to them. Trusted Translations can provide most forms of certificates and we can also work to tailor projects according to the specific requirements of each government, if made aware during conversations with clients.

The most common request from all governments is to have a certification accompanying to the documents. What is a certification? In this kind of service, a certification is a guarantee that the translation is a correct and accurate rendering of the source document. By having an officially certified review of the documents for accuracy this will make them suitable to be filed in court and serve as a form of insurance for the translation project, thus covering the parties involved from liabilities from a legal standpoint.

Many cities, states and foreign governments want a certification attached to the document/s, and some also may want it done in a very particular way. A few examples of this are as follows:

A) Attaching the certification to the document and placing a seal over it to prevent tampering.
B) A Notary stamp on each page so as to clearly demonstrate that the certification belongs to that specific document.
C) Folding pages over each-other and placing a seal on it as a way to prevent tampering.

Here at Trusted Translations, we provide an official Certification issued out of the State of Virginia , which is valid in the United States and throughout the world.

Trusted Translations has been dealing with certifications for over 10 years now and we have a very solid understanding of how to accommodate many cities , states, or countries. Each will likely be different though; so, it is ultimately up to each person to figure out exactly what they need to provide; and, with that information, we can help to move the process ahead and let you know how we can help.