Boosting Business with Website Translation

Business leaders in today’s global economic context are feeling pretty beleaguered by all the goings on (or lack thereof) of the present, and many are struggling to come up with ways to inject new life into their operations.  A small bit of token advice for such distraught global businesspersons: let website translation be a motor for growth in your business.

Pretty much every business out there today has a website, no matter how informal the operation itself actually is (not surprising when you consider that a monkey with a few hours of training could create a website).  At least in the English-speaking market, many businesses simply post their site in English and fail to have it translated into other potentially lucrative tongues.  However, this is an enormous mistake that needs to be avoided at all cost.

First of all, because there are many people out there that may visit and understand your site in English, but will be more inclined to hire your services and/or purchase your goods if you address them in their native language.  In the US, for example, businesses are learning just how true this is by translating their pages into Spanish; once done, purchases from Hispanic customers has consistently proven to grow at an aggressive rate.

Secondly, it’s important to remember that English is a very competitive language in the online arena, and by translating into another language such as Spanish, businesses will be able to advance in their SEO campaigns and achieve higher rankings for given keywords, etc.

Hence, translation can be seen as an effective tool in advancing business interests of many different sorts.  Try it out and see the results for yourself…