Building Confidence Leads To Successful Project Outcomes

Developing a relationship means building trust.  We often put ourselves in situations in our personal and professional lives that require some sort of blind faith in someone else.  Strong and closer relationships are obviously easier to manage day in and day out, opposed to less-developed ones that require more faith.  We also might find that weaker relationships even result in some stress.  This is human nature: We function better with friends, family or coworkers that we can trust rather than those that we don’t know.

In this currently more virtual age, despite all breakthroughs in communication, rapports are usually set through technology, with each day less and less face-to-face contact. This phenomenon creates a puzzle and enough room for researchers in psychology, sociology, anthropology and many more fields.

In the field of translations, a vertical in which virtuality rules, building trust is crucial and many times, what gets us through the day.

Many of our clients that request translations do not speak one of the target languages.  To a certain extent, they’re taking a leap of faith, hoping that our translation is accurate.  Marketing documents seem to be the easiest example of this, but in reality, this applies to any project and in just about every language pair. However, obviously some are more common than others.  When it comes to an English to Spanish translation or vice versa, more often than not, the client knows someone that can review the file to make sure things are done correct. On the other hand, this becomes an even bigger leap of faith when it comes to character based or non-Latin based languages. For example, if you have a legal contract that needs to be translated into Japanese, you need someone you can trust. Leaving this kind of opportunity to a stranger is sometimes too much.

One simple and fundamental way of strengthening professional relationships is a fluid path of communication.  The more we understand about your project, the more you’ll be able to rest assured that we’ll take care of it.

Building this kind of trust and continuously satisfying clients is one of our main goals at Trusted Translations.  We aim to provide excellent customer service to help build those relationships based on confidence and paired with accurate translations to enforce that trust.