Cuban Language Academy

Founded in 1926, this language academy was recognized by presidential decree law number 3388 of August 23, 1951. It is currently located in Old Havana, in the Santo Domingo building.

Like the rest of the Spanish language academies spread throughout the American continent, this academy also contributes to the joint effort and teamwork to unify Pan-Hispanic Spanish and purify it from foreign influences. Likewise, it also coins regionalisms of the country for inclusion in the main works of the Spanish Royal Academy.

With respect to the regular publications of this educational institution, we can cite the Bulletin, with the collaboration of the Academy members and other language scholars.

In regard to the services offered, of course, it is the principal agency for queries at the national level for any linguistic issues and the main authority for reviewing works on the Spanish language in Cuba.

Some scholars

Delio Juan Carreras Cuevas was born in Havana on September 4, 1938. He is a journalist, doctor of Philosophy, doctor of Legal Science, professor of Russian and he received a Master’s degree in the U.S. on Pedagogical Learning. He is the director of a section of the archives of the University of Havana and advisor to the Attorney General. He is also Professor Emeritus at the University of Havana and Honorary Professor of San Marcos University in Lima.

He has published 23 books, among which can mention “Culture for the Advocate,” published by ONBC in 2004, 184 pages. Here the professor explains that culture can be the vessel for communicating knowledge and action. In the work he highlights that Law needs Culture for the application of standards. Also worth noting is the relationship between Civics and Constitution: the fight against corruption on the basis of the Constitution.

Luisa Campuzano Sentí was born in Havana in 1943. She has received a degree in Classics and a PhD in Philology. She founded and directed since 1994 the Program for the Study of Women in the Casa de las Americas, where she coordinated the Literary Prize of the Casa de las Americas from 1987 to 1994. Since 1998 she heads the magazine Revolución y Cultura and since 2008 she has been part of the Board of the Alejo Carpentier Foundation. She is co-chair of the Standing Committee on Cuban Libraries and Archives of SSRC since 2000. She has spoken in more than 100 national and international conferences, many of which she acted as organized or co-organizer.

She has received numerous awards for her work: Distinction for Cuban Culture, Distinction for the National Education, “José Trey” Medal, “Frank Pais” Order, “Carlos J. Finlay” Order, Latinity Award, Medal of the Association of Women for Diversity and Critics Award in 1985 and 2004.

Her favorite topics of research are: women’s literature in Cuba, Spanish-American narrator of the twentieth century, Alejo Carpentier, Hispanic travelers in the nineteenth century, Hispanic testimony, and classical tradition in Hispanic and literature.

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