Free Software Solutions

In previous posts, we made a brief introduction to free operating systems and some of the many free alternatives to licensed software.

While these free options are not new on the market, there has been an increasing inclination to use them after the economic downturn that has affected almost all sectors. One of the classic ways of surviving a crisis is to try to reduce costs as much as possible, and this includes seeking cheaper alternatives to more expensive software programs.

In most cases, applications open source options offer a range of much cheaper, even if one were to incur any extra expense support to replace proprietary software.

Here we describe a simple way some options:

* For accounting analysis:

TurboCASH resembles QuickBooksPro: TurboCASH makes it easier to track multiple accounts, for the countless number of companies with users who speak different languages.

* For business intelligence:

Jaspersoft could be used instead of Oracle Business Intelligence Standard: Jaspersoft provides reports and analysis.

* For business management:

ProcessMaker is similar to the Oracle Business Process Analysis Suite: ProcessMaker to automate processes, create and share workflows, customize forms, create reports, etc.

* For designs:

BRL-CAD resolves AutoCAD: its design capabilities have been used for charting and analyzing vehicles, housing, mechanical spare parts, weapons, among others.

* For databases:

MySQL is used just as Microsoft SQL Server Standard: this free alternative offers a reliable and secure database management. Among the most notable companies that choose it are Yahoo! LinkedIn, Google, YouTube, Craigslist.

There are many more options for design activities, resource planning for the use of graphics and administrative tasks, etc.

We will comment on these options later.

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