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Are Millennials Killing the Translation Industry?

It’s possible that the recent trend of blaming millennials for killing everything from long-lasting relationships to entire industries might’ve been blown a bit out of proportion. Or is it really?

Millennials are generally considered to belong to the generation born straight out of the early 1980s to the mid-1990s.

During the past few years, a vast number of news articles have blamed millennials of being responsible for pretty much everything that’s gone wrong in the United States. Ranging from all sorts of societal calamities to deep economic catastrophes, it seems there’s nothing millennials won’t kill with their snobbish indifference and their bizarre and extravagant consumer tendencies.

They have been charged with several counts of attempted murder linked to the disappearance of paper napkins, chain restaurants, and even the American Dream itself. And the list of their crimes against civilized humanity goes on…

According to an article in the Washington Post, the millennial generation is now the largest, most ethnically diverse generation in American history. They have not only grown in numbers (being the booming offspring of their previous generation), but they have also grown in their market influence with the massive drastic shift of their absurd consumer tendencies and trends.

These so-called  “Echo Boomers” are now becoming the commanding consumers of this generation, and they seem to have a very different and challenging idea of the world they want to shape for themselves, defying to the limit what Generation X (their immediate predecessors) had intended for them in the first place.

Generation Y -more like Generation why?- it seems, is all about asking questions and demanding answers for the mere sake of rattling the status quo out of its comfort zone.

Why should things be the way they’ve always been? Why should we desire things we don’t need or live lives that we didn’t choose for ourselves? Why should we keep eating at friggin Applebee’s for God’s sake? All of them sound like pretty legitimate concerns if you ask me.

Well, according to all the alarming marketing studies being conducted out there, it seems this generation of “mass murderers” might be on some sort of a pointless crusade that comes across to some as a rampaging killing spree of our traditional values.

All you read these days about these postmodern children of the revolution is how their radicalized, revolutionary way of life is destroying all those things capitalism has taught us we need to survive.

And it looks like the translation industry could be lying in the middle of their destructive path to a new state of anarchic utopia.

With their nonsensical and unnecessary hashtags, their retro 1337 (elite) text paraphernalia, and their friggin emojis… all they’re doing is subversively destroying the fundamentals of established communication, threatening to kill language itself!

If you ever had to translate a transcript of a chat conversation between millennials, you will perfectly understand what I’m talking about. These conversations are fraught with strange symbols and convoluted turns of phrase that make our poor CAT tools go completely mad.

It’s as if they were talking amongst themselves in some sort of antisystemic code, refusing to be translated, making another pointless statement to fight the system in order to remind us that “youth” is always in a state of uprising.

I mean, this people are shaping a world where the position of “emoji translator” has become an actual job title, I kid you not. Look it up: Keith Broni – Emoji Translator, and have a good laugh or choke on your sad little tears, whatever tickles you fancy.

So, are we condemned to end up speaking in yellow frowny faces and smiling turds for the rest of our lives? Is that the future of communication we are expected to look forward to? ‘cause if we want to sound as alarming as those marketing studies do, that’s the world Millennials seem to be obliviously building upon. The worst/best part of it is they don’t even seem to care. It’s just some sort of pulsion with no specific direction. Nothing but a subversive fart caught in the wind.

But we can all smell it coming if we sniff carefully enough.

To quote the great Shakespeare: “Something smells rotten in the state of Denmark”.

So, can we truly say millennials are destroying the Translation Industry? Probably not, but you already clicked on this link, so the joke’s on you chump. Don’t hate the player, hate the game…

#KillingIt #ThugLife

Oh, but this doesn’t end here… stay tuned for my next blog and find out what I really found out while researching millennials, (and how it made me rich in just a few simple steps)

You won’t believe number 6…