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Nicaraguan Academy of Language

This language academy was founded on August 8, 1928, through an Executive Order of President Adolfo Diaz, published a week later in the Official Gazette. Its creation and legal status were approved by Legislative Decree of the National Congress of President Jose Maria Moncada on February 22, 1929, published in the Official Gazette on January 3, 1930.

In Art. 1. of this Decree, it is stated that the Academy is part of the Royal Spanish Academy and is the Government Advisory Board for the conservation or improvement of the Spanish language and the promotion of literature.

At the founding of the Association of Academies of the Spanish Language in Bogotá, Colombia, in 1960, the Academy obtained the status of Associate of the Royal Spanish Academy, which entered into force in 1965.

Some Academics

General José María Moncada: journalist, soldier, politician and President of Nicaragua from January 1, 1929 to January 1, 1933. He was devoted mainly to essays, and among his works include “Central American Things”, “The Ideal Citizen,” “The Social and Political Influence of the United States in Central America”, “Imperialism and the Monroe Doctrine.” In 1985 he published his “Nicaragua, Blood in the Mountains”.

José Eduardo Zepeda-Henríquez: poet and literary critic. He was a member of the Academy of Geography and History of Nicaragua, President of the National Academy of Philosophy of Nicaragua, member of the Royal Academy of History (Spain), Commander of the Orderof  Ruben Dario, Commander of the Order of Isabel the Catholic, Knight of the Corpus Christi Hispanic American Chapter, President of the Nicaraguan Institute of Hispanic Culture, President of the Nicaraguan Association of Librarians, among many other charges. Among his awards, we should highlight the Ruben Dario National Award in 1951 with his poems the “Principle of Song”; the Golden Violet of the Ruben Dario Honor Guard in 1951; José María Cantilo Prix of Spain in 1955; the Juan Boscan International Poetry Award of Barcelona in 1962; the American Award in Seville in 1987.

(Versión en español: Academia Nicaragüense de la Lengua)