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Project Management for Translations (Second Part)

Another important question in this area is not to presume anything, especially that all members of the group have the same information. The coordinator must establish a work plan with all the information and analyze it with the necessary frequency as it is modified or develops.

The risk assessment is another one of the manager’s key tasks since unforeseen events can have serious impacts on the project. Nevertheless, not all unforeseen events will have a negative effect, some may be positive and the coordinator must try to channel them in this direction. In this sense, the role of the coordinator is to try to contain and control risks.

Another big challenge for coordinators are the conflicts that may arise between team member (due to disagreements with terms, for example), or with the Management (due to costs, for example). Here the coordinator must maximize his/her negotiation skills.

Finally, the coordinator should try to recover lessons learned for future projects. A practical way to implement this is to create a process whereby the team members can make comments and suggestions throughout every phase of the project. Finishing the project, the coordinator will compile the comments, analyze them with the group and apply them in the future in order to improve the process, increase the quality and avoid unforeseen events.