How On-Site Translations Can Help Your Business

Businesses are always looking to expand their markets once they reach a certain level of success, and a great way to expand is to reach out to foreign markets as well as local non-English speaking markets. This of course creates situations where businesses are in need of help when it comes to crossing the language barriers associated with their intended markets.

Trusted Translations has been providing for some time now a reliable and effective solution to this problem in the form of on-site translation services. Regardless of platform or audience, our qualified translators can offer to come in and relay the messages of the companies in the exact manner intended, as the skills provided go beyond simply speaking two or more languages fluently but also providing extensive experience in specific fields.

What to think about when planning an interaction that will require on-site translators:
1. Language pairs: No matter the mix here, the need will be matched accordingly.

2. Location and time: Resources are available throughout the United States and in many cases throughout the world; the sooner these two factors can be identified the better chances an exact interpreter can be matched and allocated to a client, thus providing the lowest cost and best match. If it is too last minute, an interpreter may be needed from outside the area and that would mean additional travel expenses.

3. Equipment: Many circumstances require headsets, microphones, speakers, booths, etc. These are all items that can be provided by us and is definitely something you should keep in mind when planning meetings, conferences, or any other form of interaction.

4. Type of translation: You need to plan how the messages will be relayed—different circumstances may call for different methods. The most common being: simultaneous interpreting, where a translator will translate dialog instantaneously, and consecutive, where the translator intervenes every few statements by the speaker.
Whether you are planning to expand into new markets or you need to relay information to overseas partners, or any other linguistic-related requirements you may have, our professional team can help you. It is always important to make sure that there nothing is lost in your communication efforts.