Social Networking and Automatic Translation

As a result of the volume and diversity of Twitter users, many ideas for internationalizing and localizing this service to a greater extent are being developed and implemented.

Among other options, users are given the possibility of translating the interface (exactly the same as is done with Facebook) and the possibility of automatically translating tweets, in order to see the contents in any language, is also in the works. The idea is to make this available from within Twitter, in addition to being possible from applications such as TweetDeck or HootSuite.

In reality, tweets can be translated automatically through unofficial means, through certain Greasemonkey scripts, for example, but the idea is that they are done officially so that they are more practical, efficient, and user friendly.

At the moment, Twitter’s interface is currently available in English, Italian, Spanish, French, German and Japanese, and they are working on covering many other languages.

The community of voluntary translators is invited to provide their suggestions to increase the material at the fastest rate possible. This is the planned method for achieving social networks in other languages.

These are all useful tools, especially for any person who is looking to broaden their social networks in multiple languages.

For more information on handling multiple languages, visit Translation Services.

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