Team Translations

Despite the fact that many people think of a translator’s job as being a solitary task, isolated and competitive, it shouldn’t be thought of this way. To the contrary, with technological advances and the development of globalization, translation has become an interconnected job that requires constant contact with the outside world.

These days, the demands of our clients in terms of quality and deadlines have increased, and therefore, it’s no longer sufficient to think about a “standard” translation without creating an exact schedule that allows to speed up final delivery to our client – of course, with guaranteed quality.

Without a doubt, establishing a timetable that allows for the participation of various translators is one of the most important advantages. This not only allows for economizing on time, but teamwork itself also allows to establish a fluid communication channel for resolving uncertainties between colleagues, polishing up mistakes of all kinds, and achieving uniformity throughout the completed project. All of that is more than attainable these days.

On the one hand, when starting a team project it is critical that glossaries, term bases and style guides be prepared, and that all team members be clear about the target audience and the criteria indicated by the client. On the other hand, it’s important to maintain fluid communication and availability to be able to resolve any issue at the moment it arises. At present, all of this is easier thanks to technological advances, as we have various tools, such as email, translation software connected to the cloud for sharing translation memories, chat platforms, online glossaries, forums for asking questions, among others, that make it possible for us to work online and in real time – an advantage translators previously did not have.

As a result, we see how team translations are viable and possible. The first order of business is to get in touch with trusted colleagues who are suited to the task and available, as well as an editor and proofreader who can help us achieve the uniformity and consistency desired. We should not think that the quality of the final product is put in jeopardy; to the contrary, we should consider this as added value for the product to be delivered. Without a doubt, it’s an advantage that helps make winners of us all.