The Importance of Plain Language

Are you tired of not understanding the texts you read or speeches you listen to?  If so, you are most certainly not alone: there are scores of frustrated readers and listeners out there that know they have a fairly decent linguistic level, yet find it simply impossible to understand a lot of what passes today as “acceptable language.”

The real damage, of course, is not incurred by the frustrated individuals mentioned above but rather by the people (or organizations) that were trying to get a message across and failed…miserably!  Whether it’s a government agency or a private company trying to communicate with the public, it is imperative to employ concise, plain language.

In fact, disgruntled citizens in many parts of the world are beginning to demand that their governments communicate with them in nothing but plain language.  Amazing as it may sound, the claim has been made (with an incredibly solid and logical foundation) that plain language is a right; consider what a world we would be living in if every country took that claim to heart!

Here at Trusted Translations, our clients (including various government agencies from across the globe and major companies) can take comfort in the knowledge that the translation, edition and proofreading professionals that work on projects have got plain language permanently on the tip of their tongues (or rather, the tips of their fingers).