Translation for e-learning

Imagine a large organization with locations around the world.  Their corporate culture must transcend into each country.  And much of their success would stem from consistent employee training. One way companies accomplish this feat is through e-learning tools.

At a glance, you might think the direct translation of the e-learning modules is the only item of concern, but not all cultures learn the same way. There are regional differences in the way a message needs to be cast and is received.  Not to mention, what one culture may see as humorous or find exciting, another might find offensive or boring. Colors, photos, and content will not be viewed the same and could affect the way an employee receives the message.

One company that exemplifies excellent localization and globalization is McDonald’s.  With over 32,000 locations in 100 countries, their success is dependent upon fitting in the region not only for customers, but also employees.  On their website, there is the option to view each country’s website, Facebook and Twitter accounts. A quick review will show striking differences between the text, colors, featured products, the layout and design. How do they manage to run their organization in so many cultures but maintain the same corporate culture around the world? Consistent employee training and management are keys to this puzzle.

Here at Trusted Translations, we can localize your e-learning modules to fit the region in which they will be used.  We tailor our approach based on each client’s needs, taking the time necessary to produce a high quality result. Below is a chart of our process:

July 30 2015 e-learning_hc

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If your organization is planning a grand opening in another corner of the globe, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to help guide you in localizing not only your website, but also your e-learning modules.  An Account Manager will be happy to speak with you and guide you through the process.