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Trusted Translations’ Green Policy

Waste Reduction

Trusted Translations’ goal is to use Internet technology to decrease its printing costs and improve its overall environmental performance in several ways.

  • Limited use of mail courier services – Try to encourage clients who insist on sending and receiving hard copies of materials to consider using alternative delivery methods when using our services.  In addition to decreasing the use of printers and other materials such as CDs and DVDs, this also reduces the pollution and use of non-renewable resources that result from freight services.
  • Fax to email serviceTrusted Translations has implemented Internet Fax Services.  This service automatically converts all incoming faxes into digital files and delivers them to us via email.  This avoids the use of any paper and ink for incoming faxes.  The Vonage Fax service allows for outgoing faxes directly from PDF or Word, hence, avoiding have to a print a document to fax.
  • Intra-staff communications – All internal communications should be distributed electronically.  For instance, instead of printing and posting new internal policies, we will upload them to our internal Wikipedia (“TTPedia”) and management will send out an email with a link to the new policy.
  • Project-related reference materials – Try not to print any project-related files unless absolutely necessary.  In order to avoid duplicated copies when these project-related hard copies are deemed necessary, please pick up documents that have been sent to the printer without delay.

In-House Recycling Program

  • Facilities will be put in place to promote an in-house recycling program of all reusable and reducible office byproducts. Paper, glass, tin/aluminum, plastic containers and plastic bags will be separated.

Trusted Translations is following the 10 Elements for Improving Environmental Performance and Compliance issued by the enforcement working group under the auspices of the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC).