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What are the duties of a translation Account Manager?

Being an Account Manager is not the same as a Sales Manager, as there are a few additional duties that need to be taken into consideration. The job duties for an Account Manager are very complex and one of the specific characteristics of an Account Manager to bring to the position is to have very high organizational skills together with time management skills. Below you will see what the exact job duties are:


  • The AM is responsible for all client communications, quotation requests, deliveries of translations, translation issue resolutions and revenue control.
  • Creates and sends Work Orders and Invoices. The AM is also responsible for payment collections.
  • Makes sure that all client issues are dealt with in an efficient manner, informing the Project Manager or Sales Director of any problems that may arise.
  • In charge of establishing service contracts or renewing contract with new and recurrent clients. In addition, the AM is responsible of maintaining and expanding relationships with existing clients, which is measured in total revenue and/or amount of projects.
  • The AM needs to make sure to clearly communicate between the client and the production team in order to provide strong team representation and set proper client expectations.
  • All leads and opportunities need to be properly filled out in SUGAR and followed up accordingly.
  • The AM needs to work closely with the Project Manager in order to maintain a continuous knowledge of the translation/project status in order to identify potential issues.
  • The AM needs to fully understand the company´s capabilities and services, and needs to effectively communicate these accordingly to the client.

In the next blog, I will talk about the specific Skills that are needed to be a successful Account Manager.