What Is Included in a Budget

It is always good to have transparent and open accounts with customers, but in times of crisis this subject should be one of the main business objectives.

At Trusted Translations, we try to be as clear as possible with all of our rates and charges.

Along these lines, our rates consist of:

1. A team of certified translators with extensive experience in the subject to be translated: in the first stage, translation, professionals analyze the original document with the help of translation software programs and perform the translation of the document after researching the content and consulting specialized dictionaries and glossaries at the office and on the Internet;
2. Another certified translator or team of certified and experienced translators then review all the work done by the first translation team: in this second stage, editing, the professionals correct and edit the translation created in the first stage, according to the original document;
3. A third translator skilled in the area acts as content manager: in this third stage, the final review, the professional simply reads the document in the target language to discuss very specific issues of comprehension and consistency;
4. General design of documents in Word: the rates for this include simple design tasks that generally appear in Word, such as proper spacing, bullets, margins, etc.;
5. Project and file management: one translator coordinates of all human resources involved in the project, whether translators, software engineers and designers and is the point person for the account managers;
6. Management of the client’s account: an account manager is the client’s main contact, where all questions and comments are channeled;
7. Administrative tasks: the company has specific employees to keep track of the payments receivable from the list of clients as well as payments to all the resources of the company.

(Versión en español: Qué incluye un presupuesto)