What is Phone Interpretation and How Might it Benefit Your Business?

As businesses are looking more and more to expand into new markets around the world, the issue of language almost always needs to be addressed. Whether in person, by email, or over the phone, communication within a business or with clients, suppliers, distributors etc. needs to be efficient and fluid, no matter the language. Phone Interpretation, or the service that connects interpreters to people who would like to speak via the phone but don’t share a common language, is one tool that can overcome the communication obstacles faced by businesses in this globalized world.

The first telephone interpretation service was introduced in Australia in 1973 as a free service to address the communication problems presented by Australia’s immigrant community. By 1981, this service had reached the United States as well. Growing heavily in the 1990’s due to decreased prices in long distance calls and increased immigration, by 2005 the U.S. phone interpretation market was estimated to be worth around $200 million.

Trusted Translations has become a part of this growing trend and is a leader in human live phone interpretation. Offering interpretations to and from over 170 languages, Trusted Translations can help ensure that multilingual meetings are productive and successful. In addition to providing interpreters with expertise in a wide range of subject matters who are bound by strict confidentiality measures, Trusted Translation can provide the phone language interpretation service at an affordable price. Calls are billed with a flat per-minute rate, depending on the language pair, with no set minimum. Thus companies can save money when comparing this to in-person interpretation services which are normally charged per hour with a set number of hours. This is in addition to the money saved on travel fees and insurance costs.

To take advantage of this service, you must simply call Trusted Translation’s toll-free interpretation number and you will quickly be connected to a live attendant who will have an expert phone interpreter ready to help you with your call. We can even record, transcribe and email you the transcription of the call if necessary.
If you would like to contact us for a free quote on your phone interpretation needs, please visit our website.