What Is SEO?

line-graph-300x200Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies help to increase the visibility of a website. In this digital era, when Internet presence is worth a lot of money, this optimization provides immediate benefits. Indeed, it is for this reason that the largest companies (and those aspiring to be like them) place great importance on procedures that can best highlight their image and their online activity.

When we translate online content for organizations, simply giving them an accurate, grammatically sound, and stylistically outstanding translation may not alone be sufficient. If we analyze certain (good) translations from the point of view of emphasizing their Internet relevance, their overall quality will also be determined by a factor that many people do not think about:  its impact on the search results produced by the main search engines. For example, titles written as direct questions—such as that of this blog entry—help articles receive more hits.

Of course, search engine optimization is not merely a linguistic matter; it also includes other aspects of a website, such as its structure, accessibility functions, technical characteristics of its code, and links to the site. However, these aspects are beyond the scope of translation. Therefore, when translating a text that was originally written employing SEO strategies, it is important to maintain these characteristics so as to not lose the great value that said strategies provide. At Trusted Translations, we take all measures necessary to ensure that the websites we translate maintain the same impact as that of the original.

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¿Qué es SEO?