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What must we take into consideration when translating personal documents?


Undoubtedly, whenever we envision moving abroad to a country where the language is other than our native language, we must take into account that our personal documentation will most likely need to be translated and in most cases, be certified.

Nowadays, and in an ever so often interconnected world, we are increasingly faced with opportunities to develop our careers, jobs and our education outside of our countries. In most places where personal documentation is requested, we must provide various translated documents that are also certified, insuring the competencies of the translators. This occurs, for example, when we need to apply for a residency or a new job where we need to provide a new resume and recommendation letters, or when we apply for a student grant, amongst others. As so, we must be aware that this information, which is extremely sensitive (this is nothing less than your personal information) will most likely need to be presented to government agencies, or international organizations, which require a true and accurate copy, and that the translator we assign the project to, applies the correct terminology and in accordance to the nature of the document. Additionally, the different requirements from each organism must be met as requested; a court certified translator, a certified translation, and as such…these are all new terms for those who are not familiar with the formalities of translations.

Therefore, it is of extreme importance to consider whom we can delegate this job to, think of trustworthy translators who meet the required results and who can certify with their stamp and signature the accuracy of the document in question.

Each translation is different from the rest, and in most cases the procedures don’t really repeat themselves. Choosing the wrong person to do the job can cost someone their next job, diploma or whatever it may be that they are working towards. Therefore, a well taken decision can imply money and time savings and without a doubt, a good investment.

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