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10 Facts You May Not Know About Trados Studio 2009

Over the lifespan of any software technology, there comes a time when updates and new versions are necessary to keep software relevant for our rapidly changing world. Companies, always striving to stay ahead of the curve, find that as soon as they implement one version of software, a newer version is released. The same is true with SDL Trados Studio. Although Trados Studio 2011 has already been released, many companies and translators are still making the transition to Trados Studio 2009.

To facilitate this transition, and to give you an idea about what kind of updates Trados Studio has made in its 2009 version, here are 10 facts that you may not have known about SDL Trados Studio 2009:

  1. With SDL Trados Studio 2009, you can work with more than 70 different file formats
  2. There are more than 160 language variations in SDL Trados Studio 2009
  3. SDL Trados Studio 2009 has a Context Match tool that ensures translations with “beyond 100%” matches
  4. Google Translate, Language Weaver and the SDL Automated Translation server can all be accessed through SDL Trados Studio 2009
  5. SDL Trados Studio 2009 includes comprehensive online help in English, French, Chinese, Japanese and German
  6. SDL Multiterm 2009 is included in SDL Trados Studio 2009
  7. SDL Trados Studio 2009’s autosuggest tool can increase productivity up to 30%
  8. With the Freelance Plus version, you can have the program activated in 2 computers at the  same time
  9. To create an autosuggest dictionary, the TM base must have at least 25,000 units
  10. SDL Trados Studio 2009 has multiple different types of customized service packs to fit the needs of all different types of translators and companies

To learn more about how this technology is implemented by Trusted Translations to ensure the highest quality translations, please contact us at translation services.