A Road to Success

Get what you needWhen working in Sales, it is very important to set goals and to have specific objectives. The final goal for any salesperson is obviously to sell as much as possible; but, how is that achieved? In the end, only with goals, a clear strategy and a strong discipline can this be achieved. At our Sales Department, the process for selling document translations is very clear: receiving a quote request from the client, having our back-office team analyzing the document, having the Account Manager providing a detailed quote to the client, and finally, closing the deal with either a signed Work Order or payment confirmation.

It’s usually a virtual rapport with the client, either by e-mail or over the phone, which means there is never visual contact or a face-to-face interaction with the client. Good listening and rhetorical skills are therefore crucial. When receiving a quote request from a client, it is of highest importance to understand and know the driver for this document translation request: Is it Cost, Quality or Time? Once the driver has been determined, it is important to educate your client and explain the translation process, so that the client understands the quote by interpreting the scope and the related translation process.

Stay loyal to your recurring clients! It is very difficult to gain new clients, and the cost involved is extremely high. Therefore, make sure you follow up as quickly as possible with your recurring clients, to give them the customer service they deserve. Prove to your customer each time why they have been right when choosing you as their translation service provider.

Be persistent when following up with new clients. It happens very often that once a quote has been provided to a new client, the decision to move forward is postponed or delayed for other reasons. Show the client you are on top of things and keep reminding them that you really want their business.

Prioritize your work:  Don´t follow up on a small sale, when you have a client waiting for an urgent quote for a possible translation project that is very high in cost. Make sure you focus on the “big” Sales and at the end you will see it will pay off.

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