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What to Avoid to Achieve a Perfect Translation

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, the translation process can be puzzling to those who don’t work in the industry. Here we’ll give you some tips that will help improve the quality of the results and ensure a great experience.

The information handled by the agency and its clients should be as accurate and explicit as possible, so each of the involved parties has the same expectations. As is often true in life in general, good communication is essential to achieve the unique goals of each project, and ensure the best possible outcome.

Below you’ll see three practical tips which will help you achieve the translation you want, with impeccable quality and without any mishaps:

  • Specify the main objective of the translation. Tell us what your budget is and let us know if the job you are ordering is urgent. Often this information is handled with some discretion when negotiating prices, but it is also fundamental when collaborating on a project. If the most important part of the project is that it must 100% completed by a certain date, that should be the first detail that you tell your sales representative, since it affects how a translation project is planned.
  • Organize project documents as well as possible. Missing, incomplete and late add-ons can result in an incorrectly priced budget or derail an ongoing project. The more organized and complete the source content, the easier it will be to ensure success.
  • Do not wait until the last minute to order a translation. While not all situations are predictable, whenever possible it is highly recommended to allow as much time as possible for the translation process to run its course with all necessary quality controls. This will also allow you to have the opportunity to correct any details or to resolve any doubts that may arise within the translated document.

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