Azerbaijani Is Not the Same as Turkmen or Uzbek

In addition to the Turkic languages of Uzbek and Turkmen, we would also like to provide a brief introduction to Azerbaijani. These three languages all belong to the same family and are spoken in almost the same countries. Azerbaijani is spoken mainly in Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Syria and Russia.

As is true with the other Turkic languages​​ mentioned, Azerbaijani has had three writing systems throughout its history:

* The Arabic alphabet: this dates back to the seventh century and continued to be used until 1920.

* The Latin alphabet: a first version in 1920 and another in 1929. This is believed to have been an attempt by the Soviet authorities to minimize the influence of the Islamic Turkic nations

* The Cyrillic alphabet: a reflection of the history of the time, it was imposed by Stalin and remained in force until about 1991.

As we always insist, a person born in a country where one or all of these three Turkic languages ​​are spoken is qualified to act as a language professional, being able translate to or from the three languages. It is always best to use a language specialist in the particular language or languages you are working with.

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