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Does the Success of a Translation Depend on the Original?

It would be wrong to state that the success of a good translation depends entirely on the original document. Obviously, the professionalism and skill of the linguists involved is the most influential variable with regard to the quality of a translation, as well as the number of review steps applied. However, the quality of the document does have a large influence on the end result of the translation. Here are some key tips to keep in mind when sending a document to be translated:

  • Avoid PDF files if an editable original document is available. Documents are often converted to PDF format to ensure transparency. When sending a PDF file to be translated, remember to check whether there is an editable version (Word, PPT, IDML, etc.). This will ensure direct handling of the document and it won’t need to undergo a conversion process, which may interfere with the quality of the document.
  • Make sure the content is clear and free of grammatical errors. It is advisable to perform a final review of the document before sending it to be translated. This will prevent any errors from leading to a misinterpretation of the content to be translated.
  • Aim for high quality when scanning documents. When there is no digital version of the content to be translated, the only option is to scan it. It is very important to pay special attention to this task so as to prevent parts of the text from being cut off from the scanned area or creases in the pages from hindering the proper understanding of parts of the content.
  • If possible, for technical translations include a glossary along with the file. If you have already had your technical content translated, or simply have preferences regarding certain terms for your products, feel free to share this information with the team of linguists so as to avoid costly changes in the translated version.

By following these simple tips, it is very likely that the quality of the translation will be optimal. Please contact us for assistance regarding the quality of your original files.