PDF Translation Services

Imagine if you could send your PDF document to be translated to a translation company and receive a fully translated PDF document back without noticing the difference between the original PDF and the newly translated PDF. At Trusted Translations, it’s possible. Not only do we deliver the highest-quality translations in the industry, but we are able to translate even the most challenging PDF documents.

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PDF File Translation

When you choose Trusted Translations for your PDF document translation projects, you are guaranteed to receive a professionally executed final product that is ready for immediate use. Whether the source document you provide us with is in PDF format or not, our expert team will work to ensure that every element of your original document is taken into account and executed accordingly. Our industry-specific translators are experts in their respective fields and will deliver the most accurate translation in the industry. Additionally, our translators will localize the translation so you can simultaneously reach a wider global audience as well as a more specific target audience. Our desktop publishing team will professionally reformat the layout of the target PDF document with the translated text to make it look just like the source document. When you work with Trusted Translations on a PDF document translation project, you won’t have to undergo any extra steps. What you receive is a completely translated and formatted PDF document in the target language, ready for immediate use.

Did You Know?
Our tools allow the translator to see the target text in the context of the initial layout.
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Trusted Translations provides in-house desktop publishing services for PDFs.
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Your translated PDF document won’t require any additional steps.
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We will translate even the most challenging scanned PDF documents.
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Did You Know?

One-Stop for your PDF Translations

Many times, when you receive a translated text from the translation company you hired, you must then find a separate graphic design company to adjust the formatting and graphics of the document. The advantage of working with Trusted Translations is that we provide the service of DTP as well. These are just a few advantages of using the same company for both services:

  1. When a document has been translated, the client receives the final product. It does not need to undergo any additional steps. When you give us a PDF, you will receive a translated and professionally designed PDF in return.
  2. It is usually cheaper to go through the same company for both translation and desktop publishing services instead of hiring two separate companies to complete each task separately. Additionally, Trusted Translations will work with your or your client’s in-house design team upon request.
  3. Perhaps the best advantage is that the translator is able to see, first hand, how the translated document looks within the given frame and space of the original document.

Trusted Translations is able to provide you with all of the above-mentioned advantages when you work with us. When we deliver your translated PDF document, you won’t have to go through any additional steps, and the document we give you will look as though it were the original. When you provide Trusted Translations with a PDF, you will receive a professionally translated and desktop published PDF.