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Fast, accurate and reliable!

fast accurate

These are three fundamental adjectives that perfectly describe the essence of the type of service provided by Trusted Translations. We concentrate on offering a wide variety of localization services to our clientele worldwide. Such services include transcription, translation of various types of documentation pertaining to every sector, websites, software, as well as media including video, audio and live translations.

With the flare of providing 100% accurate translation to all sectors, an account manager liaises with the client directly, has the documents to be translated analyzed immediately by a project manager in order to provide the client with a precise quote, cost and turn around time included. This turns to be the first step when ensuring a fast translation processing. Project managers have access to a translators database that is classified accordingly to enable them to immediately access the most qualified translators. Teams of translators work together on large projects; therefore, confidently and consistently meeting deadlines and providing professional translation services with no compromise in quality and accuracy.


A three-step process consisting of translation, editing and then proofreading is completed, each step being carefully carried out by experts in their respective field. Whether these services are used on a regular basis in multiple languages  or have a need for a single language or single type of translation, customer service and adaptability are key factors in order to ensure that your translation comes across not only in the right language but with clarity and at a very concise level.


At the end of the day, and for every vertical, it’s all about thriving that allows you to offer quality-assured services, interacting with clients and strengthening the relationship along the way as we provide a fast and effective response. Then, accurate translations and to continuously prove our reliability which is reflected whenever our highly satisfied clientele expectations are surpassed. In my opinion, this is what has allowed