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Fillers, at times referred to as “crutch words” are words or phrases that are repeated frequently when speaking out of habit. We even use them reflexively, that is, we do not realize that we say. It is an automatic resource in which we “lean on” when we’re not 100% sure of what to say to cover the awkward silence when we are thinking about the next idea of our speech or to overcome linguistic obstacles imposed on us by language.

Using this type of vice is enhanced by the lack of a wide and varied vocabulary, communication skill or a person’s nerves.

There are a wide variety of fillers. Below are some of the most common.
… You know?
… Got it?
… Right?
… Yeah?
… OK?
… Umm…

A very good question is what we can do to eliminate fillers from our vocabulary. There are certain ways that can help us eradicate this “linguistic problem.” For example, try to slow down your speech and make conscious pauses between phrases. At first, it will feel somewhat forced, but over time it will come to you naturally. Another method you can use is to record your voice, at least when you’ve got to make a public appearance. Afterwards, review the recording and try to detect the repetitive fillers that you use. Once you have identified them, you must work hard on eradicating them. Strive to avoid them every time you speak in public. Practice a lot in front of the mirror, with a colleague, friends or relatives. Practice makes perfect; only then will they disappear.

In conclusion, we note that fillers dim the beauty of speech and that pauses (or silence), even though we do not like them, are necessary in any conversation or presentation.

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