The Success of GALA Lisbon 2011

The word on the street is that the recent Conference held by GALA (Globalization and Localization Association) in Lisbon was the best of the last three it has organized.   I would have to agree.   Granted, I only attended this last one but the organizers, Allison Ferch (Event Coordinator), Amy Ephrem (Member Coordinator) and, of course, Laura Brandon (Managing Director), will tell you the same.

The Language of Business – The Business of Language

The title of the GALA Lisbon conference lived up to its name.  At the conference, the topics proposed led us to spend most of our time discussing the language of business and the business surrounding languages and translations.

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to express how much I enjoyed meeting and spending time with the entourage from Multicorpora, led by Benoit Desjardins.  I find them to be the most interesting and fun group at these conferences.  It was also wonderful to reconnect with Gisela Donnarumma, an established star at Lionbridge as well as have the opportunity to meet Starla Keith from Language Services Associates  (LSA) in person.

As I listened to the speakers in Lisbon, I could not help feel a bit of nostalgia as I remembered the first time I heard Don de Palma, captain of Common Sense Advisory, talk about the size of the language market.  I distinctly remember the number was $10 billions dollars at that time (circa 2004).  Today, the number he states is $28 billion and he expects the market to reach 38 billion in the next 5 years.

Trusted Translations at Gala Lisbon 2011

Trusted Translations was proud to be a presenter at Gala – Lisbon 2011 and the response to the panel was a success. I would like to give my special thanks to Laura Brandon, who convinced me to attend the conference in Lisbon and present our experiences with SEO in different language from the point of view as a growing business and as a multilingual SEO provider to our clients.  This is the video of my presentation for anyone interested in watching it again or sharing it with colleagues:

Wordbank (coordinator of the “Search Me!” panel), for both his help before the presentation and his kind comments afterwards:

Oban Multilingual, who specializes in International SEM and PPC for clients in various languages

SEO Webinar for GALA Members

Post our panel discussion, GALA received several inquiries from LSPs about the opportunities for Search Engine Optimization in other languages, ​​for themselves and for their customers.  Due to the strong demand in this area, we will most likely offer a Webinar for GALA members on this topic later this year.

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