Good Results Demand Better Communication

The more translation projects I have been involved with, the more I realize that communication is a fundamental aspect of translation–not only on the translator’s behalf, but that of the client as well!

Indeed, let this serve as notice to all present and future translation buyers (particularly regarding voluminous, complicated documents): have a member of your staff be designated as the point person for dealing with the translator/translation company.  This channel of communication is crucial to the success of the project, and it is important that a translator’s requests for clarification, etc., be met with prompt, consistent replies.

With large documents that contain expressions, abbreviations, acronyms, etc., that are specific to the client’s company, it is absolutely fundamental that explanations be provided up front, and that subsequent questions be addressed so that the translation team can do their work as quickly as possible without sacrificing an ounce of accuracy.

Keep these issues in mind if you are planning on a major translation project in the near future, or whenever.